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The Business Case

Congratulations on passing your first interview!

In the second round of interviews, it is common for advisory firms to invite you in to complete a business case.

You may need to bring your own laptop, or be provided with one, and be asked to complete an exercise designed to test your Excel (and possibly Powerpoint) skills, as well as the technical skills required to land the job you are interviewing for. You will be doing this under time pressure (typically 1 hour).

At times, your interviewer(s) may sit with you and take you through a case step-by-step: this is more common at consulting firms and investment banks, as they prefer to test your reasoning, logic and critical-thinking abilities over your MS Office skills. If they like you, expect several rounds of similar interviews (3 or more) with different interviewers.

Remember that, even in the second round, parts I-IV and IX of The First Interview remain valid.



Go to our Members Area to view an example Business Case, appropriate for Senior Consultant/Assistant Manager level, and download the suggested solution. Make sure to subscribe to gain access to this and more exclusive content (it's free).

For questions or clarifications, feel free to reach out. Thanks for reading, and good luck!

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