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Make a Habit of Updating Yourself, Every Day

One common mistake that consultants make is not taking the time to read the newspapers and business magazines on a daily basis. We jump directly into the tasks of the day, hoping to be able to leave at a decent time for once.

We all know how hectic any workday can become without a moment's notice. However, just like exercising 30 minutes per day is important for your health and wellbeing (many of you probably skip this too, but don't!), it is imperative for your professional growth that you keep yourself updated on news and research papers. You really don't want to look dumb when a discussion on current events is sparked at the start of a meeting with your boss or client, and ignorance is neither bliss, nor easily concealed (unless you are a partner with 20 years of experience, of course). More importantly, if you are able to a) understand where the market is heading by identifying new business trends, and b) translate your hunch into new services and business opportunities, you're in for a smooth ride to the top of the corporate ladder.

Whether it is before going to work, during your lunch break or your commute, remember to take 30 minutes to skim through headlines and read a couple of full articles. Here are our absolute favorite news providers:

The Wall Street Journal

Unless you work for cheapskates, your firm should provide you with a subscription to the WSJ. Otherwise, it is totally worth the $10 a month. And maybe consider changing firm as well.

Podcasts are also available on Spotify.

Harvard Business Review

The HBR business research articles are literally mind-blowing. You can register without subscribing to read a limited number of articles per month for free. We recommend signing up to receive the Management Tip of the Day, a handy daily summary of popular papers.

The Economist

The lucky ones will have access through their university or their firm. Although rather pricy, it provides fascinating perspectives on and insightful analysis of current affairs and international business. The app is also very good and you can listen to articles while commuting.


If you have access to a Bloomberg terminal, type "N" to read the news.

Bloomberg Live TV is also worth having on in the background now and then, as every day there are several interesting interviews with some of the world's top CEOs and industry leaders.

McKinsey Quarterly

The Quarterly provides insights on management and leadership. You can subscribe to 11 different newsletters, including The Daily Read, Highlights (monthly) and Top 10 Most Popular (quarterly).

Have a good read!

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